Design & Development

Design philosophy

With the customer's  need for performance, light weight and reliability as our main focus we set high goals for the development projects. The basic principle of our product development is to find solutions which are sustainable and optimize the lifetime of the product. We think in new and untraditional ways and the products reflect this innovative thinking.


Cost restrictions / requirements

Cost restrictions / requirements put on the product will have an influence on the end result. Tractive AB is a family owned company with a flat organization, and we use our resources in an efficent way. There is no middle management and little administrative costs which have to be added to the machines. This is why we can put in a lot of value in form of good quality materials and components in the machines without the machines being overly costly for the end customer.


Skill and experience

The level of skill and experience the designers possess will influence the result of the finished product. At Tractive we have a very long experience of designing and building concrete cutting machines. Parallel with the concrete cutting machines we also design and build sequential gearboxes for rally and racing. The experience from the gearboxes has gone right in to the concrete cutting machines to make them lightweight, reliable at the same time as the handle a very high load reliably.

Resources for development and manufacturing of parts

At Tractive we have the necessary resources in house for making prototypes and producing the finished product. This makes it a lot easier and quicker for the designers to review the designs and make changes when necessary. We don't produce anything in low cost countries as for us flexibility and quality is of outmost importance.


Part of our manufacturing premises in Borlänge, Sweden