Servicing equipment

For the Pentruder and Pentpak equipment to remain in a condition which is safe for operation at all times, certain maintenance is needed. For safe and uninterrupted operation of the machines and for the warranty to be valid, the complete machine should be brought back to the distributor for service at the stipulated service intervals. The oil change interval is 80 hours of cutting or at least once per year. At service the machine is checked for proper function and all components critical for safe and reliable operation are checked and replaced if necessary.
 Please contact your Pentruder distributor for service and support


Returned goods / Warranty 

Contact your Pentruder distributor for service and support. If there is no Pentruder distributor in your market, please contact us at

Return form (English)

Returformulär (Swedish)

Retour dokument (German)


Service literature

Operator's manuals can be found on the respective product page.
If you need other service literature, please contact your distributor.



Oil schedule HF-wall saws

Oil schedule hydraulic wall saws and power packs