Product details


Saw blade ⌀ max
1600 mm(63")
Max output power
18 kW
Cutting depth max
715 mm (30.0")
Max output torque
148 Nm

RS2 wall saw weighs under 24.5 kg including its integrated motors. Max output power of 18 kW. Easy fitting of blade with quick connect coupling. Built for low maintenance with the customer in mind.

Technical strengths

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    Integrated saw motor

    Advanced saw head water-cooled motor, fully integrated into the saw head. Very powerful relative to the weight of the motor.

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    Sturdy and reliable radio remote controll

    Designed with the operator in mind for simplicity, reliability and tough conditions.

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    Robust and light weight

    Strong steel tube and sheet metal frame, high strength plastic parts for best possible protection

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    RS2 Trolley

    Easy transportation of standard saw package including 800 mm blade with the RS2 trolley.

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    Only one connector and cable

    One single 21 mm diameter cable controls all the machine functions. Easy maintenance of connector parts with standard hand tools.

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    Quick disconnect blade flange coupling

    Quick disconnect blade flange coupling for radial mounting of the saw blade. The saw blade can be fitted to the saw head even after the machine has been mounted, also for flush cutting.

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    Reversible blade rotation

    High safety level with three bolts on the blade flange permits reversible rotation of the blade

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    Motor protected from overload

    Slip clutch integrated in motor rotor shaft. Electronic slip detection to protect from overload.

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    Robust and lightweight build

    Lightweight saw head built from aircraft quality components machined from solid aluminium. No castings are used.

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    Versatile track system

    User friendly track system saves a lot of time and trouble when setting up the machine. With swiveling foots you only need to set up once in each corner when for example cutting a door opening.