Product details


Max Ø drill bit
970 mm
Max torque
1450 Nm
Recommended HF-motors
15 kW
Auto feed
Yes, both manual and auto feed

A heavy duty and extremely powerful core drill. Max drill bit: 970 mm

If drilling with a carriage without autofeed unit a Connector with ID-chip for the MD1 is required.
Please see chapter 2.4.5 (MD1 on column) and 2.5.5 (MD1 on track) in the MD1 Operator manual



Technical strengths

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    Modular system

    Combine different modules to suit your need. The basic equipment is a base plate, column, roller carriage, spindle unit, gearbox and HF-motor. The HF-drill system can be driven by the 15, 18 or 22 kW HF-motor.

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    Superstrong 4-speed gearbox

    The MG41 4-speed gearbox is built to last. Together with a spindle unit it will offer a high torque and unbeatable unbeatable performance.

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    High power and reliability

    The Pentruder wall saws are powered by very powerful HF-motors. They all have very efficient cooling, high torque and are built by the best materials for reliability and a long lifetime. Reliable 400 Hz technology ensures a very reliable motor, long life of the bearings and no need for frequent maintenance.

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    Robust connectors

    The connector housings are made in-house from high strength aluminium. At service the connector inserts can be replaced with hand tools.

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    ERMD1 Extension adapter

    When drilling big diameter holes over Ø 600 mm (23.6”)an extension adapter must be used to extend the distance between drill column and spindle, giving more clearance for bigger diameter drills. Each adapter extends the drill unit 90 mm (3.5”) further away from the column, i.e. gives additional clearance for a 180 mm (7”) bigger drill bit.

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    Very good stability

    The carriage is very stable and gives perfect control over the drill bit.