Product details


Max cutting depth
630 mm
Bar length
250 - 630 mm (10 - 25")
Output power
12 HP (9 kW)
9.5 ft-lbs / 13.0 Nm
Slip cluth
Flush cutting
Yes, cuts within 4 mm of wall

A chain saw engineered to stand up to your toughest jobs.

Technical strengths

  • Engineered for the toughest jobs

    Chassis made from high quality aluminum for highest strength and lowest weight. Engineered to stand up to your toughest jobs thanks to efficient motor cooling, durable rear handle and an easy to replace drive sprocket.

  • Digital connectors

    Thanks to the digital connectors, the Pentpak will recognize what machine it is powering and switch from the wall saw, wire saw or core drill software to the chain saw software, always making sure that maximum power is used in the cut.

  • High power

    High quality, reliable drive motor with 12 hp / 9 kW output power on the saw chain

  • ICS chain and bar

    Designed to run ICS bars, chains, and sprockets for optimum performance with cutting depths up to 25 inch / 63 cm.