MDU on first job site 2011

November, 17th, 2011, Demonstration of Pentruder MDU in Norway


The first Pentruder MDU3065 drill motors have been delivered to distributors on some markets for demonstration purpose.


Today A-kutt, our new distributor in Norway, demonstrated the MDU3065 to a customer on a job with a lot of deep holes (2-4 meters) to drill. The drill bit Ø was 200 mm and 1.5 m long. The MDU managed this job without any problems and drilled the holes much faster than a hydraulic 4-speed drill motor of another brand.


Now the customer is just waiting for the delivery of his own MDU3065. We at Tractive have everything prepared and on stock except for one little silly electronic component. The situation in the whole world is right now so that there is a big lack of electronic components, partly due to the earthquake in Japan. But we have positive feedback and will be able to deliver the next motors within a few weeks now.