Demo days at Hydro-Tec, 2012

28-30th of June, 2012, Demo Days at Hydro-Tec, Germany


Hydro-Tec has celebrated 15 years in business with Demo Days at their premises in Rednitzhembach, Germany.


In the first picture, Jürgen Kimmel, one of the owners and general manager of Hydro-Tec, welcomes Daniel Andersson, technician from Tractive, Anders Johnsen, general manager and head technician at Tractive and Martin Persson, product manager at Tractive (and Marie Peil, Export and Marketing Manager - behind the camera).


We were met by a very impressive set up with a complete range of Pentruder products, Hydro-Tec's own drill stands, diamond blades and diamond drill bits.


A very appreciated possibility was to get your own personalized wall saw blade done during the visit. 



The Pentruder MDU Core Drill - NTGRA got a lot of attention and the contractors were impressed by the power and ease of use of the drill motor. 



Hydro-Tec has developed their own drill bits for high speed drilling with the MDU Core Drill - NTGRA, called Highspeed gold and Highspeed blau. The cutting performance and life time of the segments was very good. In the first picture below, Helmut Windirsch, sales manager at Hydro-Tec demonstrates the SL-spindle for larger drill bits. Check out our You-Tube channel for some videos of the MDU from the demo days. 



Klaus Edenharter (first picture below), sales manager at Hydro-Tec demonstrates the cable for one-phase power supply to the MDU Core Drill - NTGRA.



The atmosphere was good on thursday evening during the soccer game Germany - Italy, although the tent was full of both German and Italian supporters! Below from the left to the right: Diether Buth from Hydro-Tec is still hoping for a good end to the game. Roland Kirsch, one of the owners and general managers of Hydro-tec and Peter Fuchs are pleased with the day so far. Fabrizio Santini, one of the owners of Mapex, Italy, Davide Meneghello, Technician at Mapex and an Italian Pentruder customer are very pleased with the game. 


During the day, there was not only the opportunity to watch and try cutting and drilling but the soccer goal making skills could be tested and also some beautiful ladys in body painting could be admired. 



Although there was a strong focus on the new Pentruder MDU Core Drill NTGRA, the Pentruder wall saws got to do some cutting as well. The longitudinal rebar made to problems for the 22 kW Pentruder HF-wall saw. 


Many were impressed by the easy start and smooth run of the Pentruder 3P8 HF-wire saw. The high torque and automatic feed makes it to the most easy to use wire saw on the market, according to the experienced Beat Keller from Hydro-Tec Switzerland. 



More entertainment was offered by a "police man" which puzzled everybody with fascinating tricks. 

The whole Tractive-Team would like to thank Hydro-Tec for organizing such a professional exhibition and for being such an important and reliable partner for 15 years!