Demcon, Sweden 2012

6-7 th of September, 2012, Demcon in Stockholm, Sweden


The swedish demolition show was a very good exhibition for Pentruder with many new contacts as well as interesting conversations with existing customers. We'd like to thank all of you who visited us in our booth. 


In the evening the Swedish Demolition Awards were presented. Anders Johnsen, owner and head designer at Tractive AB was awarded the "Honorary Award" with this motivation:


As the Einstein of the demolition business he has repeatedly and continuously developed and launched unique systems and machines, where power, flexibility and ergonomics are important key signatures. In an ingenious way he has united, for the business unaccustomed, mechanics which in an excellent way has improved the everyday work of the contractor. The Swedish Honorary Award goes to Anders Johnsen, Tractive AB. 


Anders would like to thank a lot for the price and also to take the opportunity to thank the whole Tractive Team. Without this skilled, hard working team, it wouldn't have been possible! Read more about Anders and the background of Tractive here »


One of the other prices, the Concrete Cutting Project of the Year, was awarded to a Pentruder customer, A-Borrning i Falköping AB. In the project, a wide range of equipment was used from different suppliers. Tractive supplied two Pentruder MD1 hydraulic drilling machines, one with a double drill rig ("test" of prototype) and one with some custom adaptions for threading in steel. 


The unique project took place in a nuclear power plant in Sweden during two months, totally 60 days, monday to sunday, 24 hours per day. A-borrning had 34 men at the work site working shifts all days. The work scope was generally to make a transport opening for change of steam generators and other concrete cutting jobs for installations. 


One of the Pentruder MD1 drilling machines drilled several holes with Ø 800-900 mm horisontally and also at an angle in round structures. The other Pentruder MD1 drilling machines was custom adjusted for threading in steel. 





6-7 th of September 2012, Demcon in Stockholm, Sweden - Pictures


Pictures below from left to the right:


- Björn Engström, Pentruder sales at Pentruder AB with potential customers.

- The Tractive gearbox in focus! 

- Harry Eklund, Pentruder sales at Harry Eklund AB with Martin Persson, product manager at Tractive AB and Jörgen from PP Såg & borr, long time customer. 


- Second from left, Jani Ihanainen from Terra-team in Finland with customers. 

- Harry Eklund and Marie Peil, Sales & Marketing manager at Tractive AB.

- Katrin Berggren, sales support at Tractive AB and Simon Hall from Pentruder UK.



- Elisabeth Örtlund, adminstration at Tractive AB and Simon Hall from Pentruder UK.

- Martin Persson, product manager at Tractive AB and Daniel Andersson, product technician at Tractive AB.

- Martin with Danny van der Zwan, Export and Sales Netherlands manager at Adamas B.V. Kjell Dackeberg from Akutt in Norway in the background. 

- Seth Lavrysen, general manager at Adamas B.V with Anders Johnsen from Tractive and Simon Hall from Pentruder UK.