Design philosophy


A wall saw or any of the other concrete cutting machine, is nothing much else than a device designed to transmit and convert electric power from a power supply of some kind, be it a 400V outlet or a generator set, up to a saw blade requiring mechanical force, which it must spin at an appropriate speed and hold in a firm grip.

To achieve a good result you must build a structure consisting of various parts that form the desired structure. The designer must find the best possible compromise between performance, stability, bulk and weight. How well he succeeds in doing this will depend on many factors.

Cost restrictions / requirements

Cost restrictions / requirements put on the product will have an influence on the end result.

Since Tractive AB is a relatively small size company, we use our resources in an efficent way. There is no middle management and little administrative costs which have to be added to the machines. This is why we can put in a lot of value in form of good quality materials and components in the machines without the machines being overly costly for the end customer.

Skill and experience

The level of skill and experience the designers possess will influence the result of the finished product. 

At Tractive we have a very long experience of designing and building concrete cutting machines. It goes back to a company started in the 70:ies which made ground breaking machines in the concrete cutting business. This company was sold 1991 but the products are still popular. We would even assert that no company has a designer with so long experience from this business as Tractive AB.

Parallel with the concrete cutting machines we also design and build sequential gearboxes for rally and racing. The experience from the gearboxes has gone right in to the concrete cutting machines which everyone with an understanding of racing equipment will realize.

Possibilities and willingness to go outside traditional borders in the design process.

At Tractive we are not restricted by what has already been done. We think in new and untraditional ways and the products are thereafter.

Resources for development and manufacturing of parts

At Tractive we have the necessary resources in house for making prototypes and producing the finished product. This makes it a lot easier and quicker for the designers to review the designs and make changes when necessary.
We don't produce anything in low cost countries as for us flexibility and quality is of outmost importance.
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