PD1/PD2 Pivoting head

A universal pivoting head can be used to simplify set-up in many cases. The Pivoting Head can for example be fitted on a vertical column and a horizontal column fitted to the Pivoting Head conical quick coupling.

A pinion driving on the rack can then be operated to raise the pivoting Head column / drill motor assembly to the desired height. A pair of simple locking screws lock the pivoting head on the desired height and drilling can start.

These days there is not so much stitch drilling done as wire sawing has replaced most of that need, but in some cases using a pivoting head can be a very effective alternative.

The column quick coupling on PD2 is of the same type as on Base Plate BE2, with a swivelling face tooth coupling allowing for adjustment of drill angle in 5° increments.

A simpler version with a fixed coupling at 90° angle to the column is also available, PD1. The quick coupling can easily be exchanged for a swivelling one.

Technical data


PD1 / PD2

Column quick coupling:   fixed / swivelling  
Length including coupling and 1/4" drive socket:   236 mm  
Width housing:   106 mm  
Length:   320 mm  
Depth incl. clamp screws:   170 mm  
Weight:   7.7 kg  


All technical data can be subject to change without notice.