BFC5 Base plate

The BFC5 Base plate is very stable and designed for both wire sawing and heavy duty core drilling. It has a fixed swivelling coupling and the column fitted on the conical coupling can be swiveled around its own axis, which makes set‐up much easier. 




Set up

Bolt the base plate to a solid object using an M16 / 5/8” anchor bolt. Use only high quality anchors and bolts. Adjust the support legs. Level the base plate using the four leveling screws.

Fitting the eccentric bolt

To mount a column on a base plate, or a pivoting head, or to join two columns, an eccentric bolt is inserted in the hole in the column.

Tightening the eccentric bolt

Tighten clockwise with a 1/2" handle or ratchet. Easy, safe and quick.

To release the column, the eccentric is turned counter clockwise until it lifts from the cone, the eccentric bolt is removed and the column can be removed.

Please note

For maximum rigidity the female cone on the baseplate should be clean and dry. The eccentric bolt should be lubricated with grease. A column mounted on another column can not be swivelled.
When drilling with larger drill bits and wire sawing we always recommend you to use a rear support.  

Wheel kits

Together with a wheel kit you will get excellent balance and maneuverability of the drill rig. There are two different sizes available, WT-BFC5-200 with 200 mm wheels and WT-BFC5-300 with 300 mm wheels.


All technical data can be subject to change without notice.