Rig with 70 mm column


Base plates, Columns and Carriage




BFC5 Base plate
for 70 mm column


CN Column 70 mm
0.5, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0 m


CE1-70 (3P8) Carriage
70 mm column

The BFC5 Base plate is very stable and designed for both wire sawing and heavy duty core drilling.
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  Three types of columns are available in different lengths.
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This is a carriage, which is designed and built to last for many years with need for only a minimum of maintenance. Manual or automatic feed is available.

The carriage for the MD1 drilling machine is called CE1-70 and the carriage for the 3P8 wire saw is called CE1-70-3P8.
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Feed units



PT-HY32 Hydraulic feed unit for CE1


PT-MD1 Electric feed unit MD1 (46:1)


Electric feed unit 3P8 (100:1)

Hydraulic feed unit for MD1 hydraulic drilling machine or 3P8 hydraulic wire saw.   Electrical feed unit for MD1 high frequency drilling machine.   Electrical feed unit for 3P8 high frequency wire saw.




Other Modules



RST-CN-M/RST-CN-U Column supports for 70 mm column


PD1/PD2 Pivoting head for 70 mm column

  Adapter plate for using other drill motors with the 70 mm column rig

When drilling with big Ø drill bits it is advisable to use a support for the column. 

There are two different versions, RST-CN-M which is fitted on the male coupling on top of the column, and RST-CN-U which is fastened around the column. The picture above shows RST-CN-U. 

Length: 2.1 - 3.2 m. 

  A universal pivoting head can be used to simplify set-up in many cases. The Pivoting Head can for example be fitted on a vertical column and a horizontal column fitted to the Pivoting Head conical quick coupling.
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