Pentruder 3P8 HF-wire saw

The Pentruder 3P8 wire saw is the result of all our efforts to create the best and most efficient wire saw on the market. It combines low weight with extraordinary performance and is suitable for both small and very big jobs. No concrete structure is too small or big to be cut with a Pentruder wire saw. 

The set up is quick and mostly a direct cut without extra satellite pulleys is possible. The start of the wire is very easy thanks to the electrical automatic feed and high power of the drive motor.

The storage capacity is more than 20 meters depending on what combination of columns is used.

We recommend the 22 kW HF-motor, see more under System.

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Continously variable cutting speed


Big storage capacity


Super strong

The cutting speed is continuously variable from 0 to 22 m/second, 4330 sft/min, when driven by the 18, (25HP) and 22 kW (30HP) motors, and up to 25m/s, 4920 sft/min. for the 27 kW (37HP) motor.   In its standard version, the 3P8 can pull in 16 m of wire out of the material being cut. With an extra idler / slack tensioning wheel, the machine can take up 20 m wire.
  The wire main pulley drive motor comes from our range of HF-motors with 18, 22 or 27 kW output.

Optimal force transmission


Easy start of wire


Automatic feed and wire tensioning

The main drive pulley has a diameter of Ø 500 mm, 20”. It has a rubber drive ring with a specially designed type of rubber compound giving very good traction wire to rubber, even when wet. The wire wraps around the main drive pulley over 270°, which gives superb traction.   The high starting torque makes it easy to start the wire over sharp corners and irregularly shaped objects. Normally corners do not have to be chamfered before the wire is started.

On the 3P8, the wire can be started and reversed several times to simplify start-up. A groove can be cut also on the slack side before starting to cut.
  Automatic feed, without air cylinders or need for compressed air. Wire tensioning is fully automatic, with some exceptions. The tensioning of the wire is governed by software and a microprocessor / digital servo amplifier driven electric feed motor.

Easy setup


Clever design of wheels


Exceptional cutting results

The wire can be run over all wheels on the machine without opening the wire.
The wire can be run also over the adjustable swivelling wheels, without having to cut the wire.
The 3P8’s design allows for direct cuts to be made, and satellite wheels can mostly be omitted.
  All wheels can easily be removed from their mountings. All bearings are sealed with external seals. The wheels are a two piece design, and are bolted together. All rubber liners (rings) can easily be replaced using standard tools.   Normal results in concrete, using a wire that is well adapted to the high power of the 3P8 wire saw are between 3 – 6 m² 32 – 64 sq ft per hour in reinforced concrete containing “normal” aggregate and between 1.5 – 3 m², 16 – 32 sq ft per hour in reinforced concrete containing flint or river gravel aggregate.

Practical and safe guards


Easy cleaning and maintenance


Modular build up - Easy transport

Fully enclosing guards protects the operator(s) and keeps all expensive parts (reasonably) clean, like the carriages, main pulley drive system, column, etc.
  All swivelling wheel assemblies can easily be removed from their holders for easy cleaning and maintenance, by just removing one screw.
  The 3P8 is built up by easy to handle modules which are fitted on an extendable drilling machine column, which in turn is fitted on a base plate. All modules weigh less than 25 kg. Quick disconnect couplings make the assembly of the modules quick and easy.

Long life of pulley rubber liner


Longer wire life

The 3P8 drive pulley rubber liner wears out after about 400 - 500 m2.

Some of the rubber liners on the smaller wheels will wear out after approximately 100 m2 (depending on conditions), under full load with a 22 kW motor.

Rubber liners are relatively cheap and easy to exchange.

  The 3P8 software constantly looks at the load on the main drive motor and adjusts the wire tensioning to keep the pulling force constant. This enhances wire life by up to 60% over competing machines, according to reports from customers who have used the 3P8 over as longer period of time.    



Drive motor: 400 Hz High Frequency Motor
Max continous output power: 18 kW (24 HP)


Storage in rollers: 6.5 meters (21 ft)

Storage capacity:

8 meters per meter stroke of the carriage

Maximum approximately 20 m.

8 feet per feet stroke of the carriage. Maximum approximately 66 feet. 



Main drive pulley Ø: 500 mm (20”)
Storage pulleys Ø: Ø 198 mm O.D. (7.8")


Wire Ø: 8-10 mm (5/16” – 1/2”)
Wire speed:

Continuously variable.

0 - 22 m/second, 0-66 ft/s with 18 (25HP) and 22 kW (30HP) HF-motors

0 - 25m/s, 0-82 ft/s with 27 kW (37HP) motor.

Power pack  





Wireless Remote Control


Pentruder 3P8 wire saw on
70 mm column with guard.


Pentruder 3P8 wire saw on track (MCCS) with guard