Pentruder 6-10HF

The Pentruder 6-10HF is a very user friendly wall saw for the majority of  cutting jobs. The Pentruder 6-10HF offers a combination of high performance, light weight and easy handling. 

It is ideal for both the quick and the more demanding jobs. Thin concrete walls as well as thicker walls up to 515 mm (20.3") with heavy steel reinforcement can easily be cut. 

The Pentruder 6-10HF offers real High Frequency power from specially designed HF-motors. The spindle speed is continously variable between 815 and 1200 rpm and the wall saw is recommended for up to 1000 mm (42") blades but can handle up to 1200 mm (48") blades. 

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Blade info

Saw blade diameter max.:

Recommended blade diameter max:

1200 mm (48")

1000 mm (40")

Max cutting depth with
max. Ø blade:

515 mm  (20.6”) with 1200 mm blade.
(Blade radius minus 85 mm (3.35”))


Max start Ø blade: 800 mm (32")
Saw blade arbor diameter: 60 mm (1-3/8” for the U.S.A.)
Water feed:

Central through the blade flanges


Blade flange diameter:

158 mm (6.22”) centre bolt type flange.


Flush cutting flange diameter and
Bolt Pitch Circle Diameter (P.C.D):

158 mm Flange O.D.                   

130 mm P.C.D. 6x M 8
10.9 countersunk screws



110 mm P.C.D. 6x M 10
10.9 countersunk screws


  108 mm P.C.D. 6xM 10
10.9 countersunk screws
  4.25” P.C.D. 6x 3/8” (108 mm P.C.D. 6x M 10)
10.9 countersunk screws

Saw blade motor: 400 Hz High Frequency Motor
Max continuous output power:

18 kW (24HP) alternatively 15 kW (20HP)

Max output torque:

130 Nm (15 kW/20HP)

165 Nm (18 kW/24HP)

Spindle speed under load:
(Note: Max power is @ 400Hz)

815-1200 rpm
@ 300-440 Hz

Continously variable from 70-100%, set potentiometer to control speed.
See manual for detailed speed table.

Travel Motor - Max travel speed:

24V DC -  2.0 m/min
Feed Motor -  Max arm rotation Speed:
24V DC – 1.7 rpm
Total weight with 15kW/20HP HF-motor 33 kg (72.6 lbs)
Weight saw head:

20 kg (44 lbs)

Weight 15 kW HF-motor: 13 kg (28.6 lbs)
Weight of 18 kW HF-motor 16.5 kg (36 lbs)


All technical data can be subject to change without notice.




Pentruder 6-10HF with 15 kW HF-motor

Pentruder 6-10HF and Pentpak 427




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