User friendly track system


The user friendly track system saves a lot of time and trouble when setting up the machine.

The track foot can swivel so the track foot only needs to be set up once in each corner when for example cutting a door opening.

Read more about the track system here ».


There are three different templates which can be used to simplify set up of the Pentruder wall saws, two templates for the symmetric track foot and one for the "old" assymetric track foot. 


The templates will help position the track feet in the corners so that they don't have to be moved when cutting a door opening. See the following examples. 



43850101 Drill template 


Example 1 with 43850101 Drill Template: Track on the inside of the cut. 




Example 2 with 43850101 Drill Template: Track on the outside of the cut




Example 3 with 43850301 Template double: Track on the inside of the cut




Example 4: 43850301 Template double: Cut lines with different setups


A common setup for a square opening. 







43850301 Template double




Right hand vertical cut. Let saw head travel to upper track foot.
Swing and fasten track.
Cut horizontal.
Swing track to vertical.
Cut vertical.