Slip clutch for protection of HF-motor


If the saw blade jams, the slip clutch prevents the inertia of the HF-rotor to destroy the gears in the transmission. The rotor inertia will want to keep on turning the rotor, and to stop the rotor from 13.000 rpm to a dead stop in a fraction of a second is just not possible. The speed of the rotor must be reduced gradually and this is taken care of by the slip clutch.

The slip clutch can easily be removed and serviced, or replaced if needed.

Without a slip clutch, gears will fail by fatigue cracking and fast fracture due to high load peaks when a blade is stopped abruptly. 

Other manufactures use shear pins that have to be replaced when an overload occurs.

The slip clutch in the Pentruder 8-20HF (iQ) is easily accessible behind a threaded in cover.   Slip clutch in the Pentruder 6 -12HF   Belleville washers provide axial preload on alternate internally and externally splined discs and plates. The slip clutch can be set up without any special tools other than a centering shaft.