Quick release coupling for HF-motor

To put the motor on the saw head or to remove it takes just a few seconds.

To reduce the weight of the parts that must be handled by the operator, the saw head is basically divided in the saw head unit and the drive motor.

The HF-motor is easily fitted on the saw head with a simple and reliable quick coupling. Two clamp screws hold the HF-motor securely in place while the machine is working. To fit the HF-motor, align the splined drive shaft and clamp studs with the holes in the saw head, rotate the saw blade very slowly by hand until the splines fits and motor seats properly. Then tighten the clamp screws using the 8 mm Allen T-key.

To remove the HF-motor, turn the clamp screws three (3) full turns CCW and pull the motor straight out from the saw head.