Multi step gearbox

Gearbox experts

At Tractive we are transmission experts and know how to design a multi step gearbox which lasts and last, for thousands of hours.

A multi step gearbox offers unparalleled torque characteristics of the saw head. Independent of what size blade is needed, the 2-speed respectively 4-speed gearbox allows the Pentruder wall saw to work with a remarkably high torque at all spindle speeds.

With high cycle inverter technology the frequency can be altered infinitely. This is how most of our competition alter the spindle speed.

Power is proportional to speed

BUT, with lower speed of the motor, power is lost. If the torque is kept constant, power is proportional to RPM and even if torque is constant, the power output is halved if RPM is halved.

Exploded view of 4-speed gearbox


To calculate the horsepower of a motor when the speed and torque are known, apply this formula:

P = M x N

P = power in kW
M = torque in Nm
N = rotational speed in revolutions per minute
9550 = constant

The same principles are valid for high frequency and hydraulic machines.
The Pentruder 8-20 has a 4-speed gearbox with speeds chosen to suit the most popular blade sizes.

Graphics on multi step gearbox


4-speed gearbox

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