Double cooling system for the HF-motor


Reliable power and high efficiency

The double cooling system for the HF-motor gives sustained reliable power and high efficiency.

In a stationary machine it’s easy to arrange appropriate cooling of the rotor and stator.

In a mobile machine, it’s a bit more difficult. All electrical motor have losses. Heat must be dissipated from the rotor and stator to avoid overheating. Heat transfer from rotor to motor housing is approximately 800 W = 1 HP.
Water flowing through a helical groove on the outside of stator/motor housing ensures a uniform cooling of the stator with no hot spots.

The rear rotor bearing is cooled by transferring heat from the rotor to an oil filled, water cooled chamber at the rear of the motor housing. A rotating heat transfer shaft (Red) transfers heat from the rotor to the oil and keeps the rear bearing temperature on a low and healthy level. The oil is in turn cooled by water flowing through the motor.

Heat is also transferred from the rotor through the pinion, to the gearbox oil, to keep the front bearing temperature low. SKF bearings are filled with special high temperature grease. High speed high temperature PTFE Mil spec seals survive high surface speeds at elevated temperatures.

Finned water swirl pot improves heat transfer from high speed gearbox oil to water.
Helical precision ground gears transfer power reliably and with minimal losses and heat build up.