Pentruder MD1 hydraulic drilling machine

The Pentruder Modular Drill System MD1 is a versatile and powerful drilling system. It allows you to drill in any angle and the gearbox gives the system a very smooth and efficient run.

Quick disconnect couplings reduce the set up time. Small and big drill bits can be drilled in a shorter time than anyone thought possible. Drills an 800 mm hole like other systems drills a 200 mm hole.

Pentruder MD1 hydraulic drill system can be driven by a 16 or 25 cc hydraulic motor. Together with the MG41 gearbox and a ST2 or ST3 spindle unit and one of the hydraulic power packs Pentpak 15 or 20, up to 1200 mm big holes can be drilled easily and efficiently.

Pentruder MD1 hydraulic drilling machine can either be built on the wall saw track (MCCS) or on the 70 mm column system, see System.

For automatic feed, we recommend the 70 mm column system rig. 

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Superb flexibility
  Very good stability
  Superstrong 4-speed gearbox
Quick disconnect couplings gives flexibility. Innovative solutions saves time at setup. Drill in any angle.    The carriage is very stable and gives perfect control over the drill bit.   The MG41 4-speed gearbox is built to last. Together with a spindle unit it will offer a high torque and unbeatable unbeatable performance.




Pentruder MD1 built on saw track (MCCS). Here shown in HF-version and with CEG-MD1 carriage.

Pentruder MD1 built on 70 mm column, with Pentpak 15 hydraulic power pack.