Modules MD1 drilling machine


MG41 4-speed gearbox   ST2/ST3 Spindle Unit    
The 4-step gearbox MG41 has proved itself to be both super strong and reliable. It can be used with big drill bits as well as high power motors.
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  Use the same MG41 gearbox in combination with different Spindle Units, for different applications.
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ERMD1 Extension adapter

  Adapter plate for other drill motors    

When drilling big diameter holes over Ø 600 mm (23.6”)an extension adapter must be used to extend the distance between drill column and spindle, giving more clearance for bigger diameter drills. Each adapter extends the drill unit 90 mm (3.5”) further away from the column, i.e. gives additional clearance for a 180 mm (7”) bigger drill bit.


Drive Units

High frequency motor   HFMR-MG41 Adapter with slip clutch for HF-motors and MG41 gearbox    
Use your 15, 18 or 22 kW HF-motor to power the MD1 HF-drill system.
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  This adapter is needed when a HF-motor is used to power the MD1 drilling machine.     



HR Hydraulic motor - incl. adapter for MG41 Gearbox


MDUMR-MG41 Adapter for MDU on MG41 Gearbox



Two hydraulic motors, 16 and 25 cc, are available for the MG41 gearbox.
In combination with different Spindle Units a great range of speeds can be covered.
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  This adapter is needed when the MDU9 Modular Drive Unit - NTGRA is used to power the MD1 drilling machine.   



Rig with 70 mm column


Rig with saw track (MCCS)





Drill rig, see Rig MCCS and Rig 70 mm column.