Wireless Remote Control




Easy to use, ergonomic layout



  • * Same proven layout as the cable remote for easy transition. 
* Ergonomic layout with joystick and rocker 
switches for smooth operation and reduced operator hand fatigue. 

Freedom of movement with one less cable


* Wide working range of over 50 meters allows the operator greater freedom of movement on the job site and greater visual supervision of the machine. 
* One less cable reduces possible obstacles on the job site and reduces cable maintenance. 
* The Wireless Remote Control comes as standard with a neck strap. Waist strap is optional.
Extremely rugged, water-proof, and safe design
* Class IP65, yet light weight. 
* Vibration, temperature, and humidity tolerant electronics.
* Designed to highest safety standards with system specific radio codes to prevent interference with other wireles systems on the job site.
Fits all Pentpak HF-power packs 
* Simple integration with existing Pentpak HF-power packs, with or without, digital communication connectors.
* Kit for easy fitting of the receiver on the Pentpak or Transport trolley. 
* Remote and receiver pairing is resettable.

Use with any Pentruder HF-wall saw, HF-wire saw or HF-core drill 


* Operate a full range of Pentruder equipment simply by connecting the same Pentpak, remote control, HF-motor and cables to a wall saw, a wire saw, chain saw or a core drill.


* It all fits together and gives unsurpassed flexibility.

Avoid down time with long life re-chargeable batteries
* Two re-chargeable batteries plus a cassette for AA batteries as standard. 
* Approximately 20 hours of battery life at continous operation. 

Technical data