Double Blade Flange

The DBF double blade is an accessory to the Pentruder wall saws. This accessory is often requested for cutting grooves.




Features and benefits and technical data

• Good water cooling to both sides of both blades.

• Use with up to 800 mm blades.

• The DBF double blade flange is meant for two blades.

It cannot be used for more blades.

• The flange is made for 60 mm Ø center bore blades.

• The flange has double bolt patterns, 110/130. Screws and nuts for both 110 and 130 mm P.C.D. are included in the DBF sets.

• The blade bolt pattern should be 110 or 130 mm. The holes should not be countersunk.

• To achieve safe and good clamping and alignment of the blade the blade core width should be between 2.0 mm and 4.5 mm.

• There are six different DBF (double blade flange) configurations with different thickness of the spacers, from 5 mm thickness up to 30 mm thickness with 5 mm increments. 


• Cut a groove from approximately 12.4 mm up to 40 mm.