Flush cutting flanges

Flush cutting is a method used for cutting flush with an adjacent surface, for example a floor, a wall or a ceiling. Chiselling becomes unnecessary.

The Pentruder can be equipped with a special flush cutting flange where the blade is clamped using six countersunk screws, without a separate outer collar.

There is a range of different hole diameters available.

Flush cutting flange BC=110/130 Flush cutting flange
Flush cutting flange
BC=108 or 110
Flush cutting flange
1-3/8" USA

At Tractive security comes first. This is why we use nuts and bolts to fasten the blade on the flange. Anything else would be very dangerous.

The patented quick disconnect blade flange coupling simplifies all set-ups and, in particular, set-ups for flush cutting in the horizontal plane near the ground or for the upper and lower cuts. Vertical cuts with limited available space are also easier to do.