Flow divider SFD45/55

The flow divider, SFD 45/55, is intended to be used first of all together with the Pentpak 25 hydraulic power pack to split the main flow of 80L/min into two smaller flows, namely 35 and 45 L/min. The 35 and 45 L/min flows are chosen to reflect the requirements of hand held circular and chain saws, drill motors and wire saws.

The SFD45/55 can be used with any other power pack and will then divide the flows to be 45% in one position and 55% of the incoming main flow in the other position.

Functional description:

The SFD 45/55 flow divider is a hydraulic / mechanical unit which divids an incoming oil flow into two smaller flows.

Unlike cheap solutions using only valves to split the flow, in the SFD 45/55 only a minimal energy loss is caused in the flow dividing process.

A valve based system works on the principle to bypass the unused portion of the flow over an adjustable valve, causing the bypassed energy (heat) over the valve and to be absorbed by the oil.

In the SFD 45/55 the oil flow is fed into a rotating unit consisting of a hydraulic pump and a motor. The flow that is bypassed goes through the motor unit and the hydraulic power is transmitted from the motor to the pump.

The flow going to the driven machine goes through the pump unit, and the energy from the bypassed flow (from the motor unit) is transferred to the pump unit with only a marginal energy loss.

This system is far superior to any valve based system and requires little extra cooling to work efficently for extended periods.