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Plantworx 6th - 8th of June 2017


Our Distributor Pentruder UK will be attending Plantworx at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground the 6th-8th of June. They will be showing the Pentruder range of concrete cutting machines for the professional concrete cutter. Don't miss the new Pentruder RS2 wall saw and the MDU3 Core drill and Pentpak. Hope to see you in the stand!

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Bauma 2016


Our sincere thanks to all our Pentruder Distributors for the great job during the exhibition and a special thanks to Hydro-Tec for great organization of the Pentruder / Hydro Tec GmbH stand.



Bauma 2016 wasn't just a record year for the whole exhibition but also for Pentruder! The spacious stand was well attended over the whole week by both end users and other business partners.



The Pentruder family is constantly growing and we had the opportunity to meet Pentruder distributors from 18 different companies, covering more than 25 markets!



The RS2 wall saw prototype rendered a lot of interest. More information will be available in September 2016.





Welcome to Bauma 2016


Pentruder will exhibit at Bauma in booth A1.502.


We are looking forward to your visit! 








February 2016 - Short manual for Pentruder HF wall saws now on video!


Click on the YouTube symbol to get to the playlist of the new instruction videos. 




Wireless Remote Control


A Wireless Remote Control is now available for all Pentruder High Frequency machines. 


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August 2015 - Article in PDi about the Pentruder Distributor Council held in June






July 2015 - Cutting Edge Diamond Tools new Pentruder distributor in Australia


Tractive is pleased to announce that the company Cutting Edge Diamond Tools is the new Pentruder distributor in Australia. Shannon McDonald and his team will be selling the full range of Pentruder concrete cutting equipment and their experienced technicians will take care of all technical service.


Shannon and his Salesman, Tony Laurenceson, just visited Tractive in Sweden for sales and product training at the plant in Borlänge. “It is of great value for us to get to know the whole Tractive team and get an in-depth understanding of how the machines are designed, manufactured and assembled.

Having sold other brands of concrete cutting equipment over the years I can see why Pentruder is the most sought after brand in the market. The production is all done in-house by engaged and motivated staff with quality and performance as their most important leading principles. We are more convinced than ever, that if the customer is looking for machines that will do the job day in, day out for many years to come, they should go for a Pentruder.” says Shannon who is no newcomer to this business.



From the left to the right: Marie Peil, Marketing, Tractive AB / Shannon McDonald, President, Cutting Edge Diamond Tools / Tony Laurenceson, Sales Cutting Edge Diamond Tools / Ian Osborne, Business Development, Tractive / Björn Engström, Sales, Tractive


It was a great pleasure for the Tractive team to get this excellent start to our cooperation with Cutting Edge Diamond Tools and also to get to know Steve Wylde from Online Concrete Cutting Services Pty Ltd, who joined Shannon and Tony for the product training. Steve also took the opportunity to order a Pentruder 8-20iQ HF-wall saw and a Pentruder 3P8 HF-wire saw and we are looking forward to getting many updates on how the equipment performs in the future.




Congratulations to the winner in the Pentruder picture contest, Daniel Nix!


The purpose of the Pentruder Photo Contest was to get the Pentruder operators around the world to show off their work.

Who better to document the Pentruder machines in action then the guys who use Pentruder machines and the guys who are proud of what they do?


The contest yield a good crop of decent photos, from jobs all over the world, where we would never be able to set up professional camera gear to take “clean” pictures.


We selected 13 favorites which we shared on our Facebook page. The 13 favorite pictures received a lot of attention on our Facebook page and other pages as well. Link to all the finalist pictures on Facebook


In the end we chose Daniel Nix’s photo for a number of reasons - the lighting is good, the product stands out even in all of the gray slurry, the product is running, great job realism with extra blades, and a bonus that there are two machine set up on the job. Daniel and his boss Michael Tackett of B&D Concrete Cutting of Atlanta, Georgia will be coming to visit the Pentruder factory in Borlänge Sweden in the near future for winning the contest.



Thank you all who posted a picture to our contest. Please e-mail your name, address, and shirt size to if you haven't already done so.


Link to announcement of the winning picture on Facebook 




Pentruder Distributor Council 8-9 June 2015 - A Pentruder Family get-together!

Two sunny days in June more than 50 people from Pentruder Distributors from all over the world got together to discuss and exchange experiences. It was a great joy to meet everybody and the Tractive team would like to thank our Pentruder distributors for joining us in Borlänge, Sweden.  We also got a little taste of how the other product range of Tractive - motorsport transmissions - are used!          May 6-10, Vei og anlegg in Oslo 

Akutt, Pentruder distributor in Norway, exhibited the Pentruder range of concrete cutting equipment at Vei og anlegg in Oslo. Many thanks to all of you who stopped by! 






April 20-26 Intermat in Paris

Diatom, Pentruder exhibitor in France, exhibited the complete Pentruder range of concrete cutting equipment at the Intermat in a booth filled with 








February 2015 - World of Concrete in Las Vegas






January 2015 - Baumag in Switzerland


Hydro-Tec Switzerland exhibited the Pentruder products at Baumag in Luzern, Switzerland, 22-24th of January. The stand was busy and the setup very professional.


Link to more pictures on Hydro-Tec's Facebook-page (can be viewed without having Facebook).





June 2014 - Article in Concrete Openings

Read the interesting Tech Talk about Proper Maintenance of High Frequency Equipment written by Terry Martin, Director of Business development, Pentruder at ICS in North America. 

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September 2014 - Open House at Adamas, The Netherlands. 


The Pentruder distributor Adamas, invited all their clients from The Netherlands and Belgium to the Adamas production plant in Maasdijk (NL) for an Open House event on Friday 26th september 2014.
Apart from brands like Lissmac and ICS that are represented by Adamas, the complete Pentruder product played a starring role in this event. All the HF wall saw models were showed and the multiple possibilities and advantages of the Pentruder modular system were demonstrated. The MDU drill motors where continuously drilling 130 mm holes in heavily reinforced concrete with the new SYM3 diamond range from Adamas. 
Specific interest was noted from various clients for the Pentruder 3P8 wire saw system.
A specific welcome was arranged at Adamas for mr. James Tan from from the Pentruder distributor Teesin in Singapore who travelled to Europe to be present at the Adamas Open House event.
The Adamas event was very succesfull as an order for 4 Pentruder wall saws was booked from client ZABO in Belgium! 
Adamas has already planned a similar event for 2015!






April 2014 - Karot Makina new Pentruder distributor in Turkey


The appointment of Karot Makina in Istanbul as new Pentruder distributor in Turkey got an excellent start with demonstrations of the Pentruder HF-wall saw and wire saw at Karot Makinas premises. Tractive likes to thank Karot Makina for the excellent organization and dedication to promote the Pentruder equipment. 


Karot Makina will also be pleased to handle requests about the Pentruder products from customers in the following countries: Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.



The premises of Karot Makina / Setting up the Pentruder 8-20HF Wall Saw



Pre-cut in a longitudinal re-bar



Many customers from all over Turkey came to the demonstration / Mr. Mustafa Durna, General Manager with his staff and Daniel Andersson, Technical engineer at Tractive.  



The Pentruder 3P8 HF-wire saw in action. The concrete slab had a lot of re-bar. Despite this the 3P8 did the cut in under 15 minutes. 





27-29th of March - Bebosa in Willingen, German


Bebosa with its focus on the concrete cutting business is right on spot for the proffessional concrete cutters. At one (not so easily accessable) premise the visitors could see all the news from the leading brands in the business. The Hydro-Tec booth where all the Pentruder products were exhibited was very well visited and we'd like to thank Hydro-Tec for a great show as well as all the visitors for coming and showing such great interest in our products. 


Pictures from Hydro-Tec's Facebook-page (no need to login)»

Pictures from Pentruder's Facebook-page (no need to login)»





DDE Demolition & Drilling Equipment new Pentruder distributor in South Africa


Tractive is pleased to announce that the company DDE Demolition & Drilling Equipment will start selling Pentruder equipment in South Africa. DDE has sold Brokk with great success since 2008 and will now focus even more on the construction business. “We feel the Pentruder wall saws, wire saws and core drills will add a lot of value to our product range and we are looking forward to offer this high quality equipment to the cutting and coring companies.  Pentruder is of high engineering quality, reliable and best of breed, ” says Robin Jackson, Business Manager at DDE. Robin was recently in Sweden for sales training at Tractive.

DDE will arrange demonstrations and open days at their premises and can offer qualified service by experienced technicians.




ICS new Pentruder distributor in the Americas


Terry Martin, president/owner of Pentruder Inc. will join ICS as director of business development - Pentruder and work out of Chandler, Arizona. 

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Special project in France with curved track


The Tractive team recently developed a special rig for use with curved track and a Pentruder 8-20HF. The result is beyond the customers expectations. 

Link to customer's pictures on Facebook ».

Link to customer's video on Facebook ». 

Both links can be opened without having a Facebook-account. 





Successful wire sawing on Ireland



Pentruder UK customer, Precision Cutting Ltd. recently did a wire sawing job on Ireland with the Pentruder 3P8 HF-wire saw. 

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New service center in Trondheim, Norway


Akutt Diamond Tools and Machines AS, Pentruder Distributor in Norway has opened a service center in Trondheim.

In addition to the main service center in Oslo, capital of Norway, the service center in Trondheim will work as a hub for concrete cutting customers in the more northern parts of the long land of Norway. Customers will find diamond tools, water pumps and grinding equipment from Akutt as well as be able to get some service jobs on Pentruder equipment done here.  


During the opening days the Pentruder MDU Core Drill - NTGRA and the new Pentruder PDM300 Core Drill were demonstrated. 





Open House at Adamas


On 19th and 20th September 2013 Pentruder distributor and diamond tool producer Adamas organized an Open House event for professional concrete cutters at the production plant in Maasdijk – near Rotterdam – in the Netherlands.


On the 500m² demo area the latest innovations of  Pentruder and Adamas were presented and demonstrated.



The new Pentruder RS12 - NTGRA with 12 kW output is planned for introduction late 2013 or early 2014


The Adamas  sales team of 15 people hosted the 150 companies who visited this 2-day event.


Pentruder product  specialist  Daniel Andersson was also present and  trained the Adamas service staff on repair and maintenance for the MDU drill motors and demonstrated the PDM300 post drill rig with core catcher to various concrete cutters.  



Pentruder PDM300 Post Drilling Machine will be ready for market introduction in the winter of 2013.


As the Benelux countries are cooping with a severe crisis in the construction industry,  the profitability of the diamond drilling and cutting contractors is under pressure. This is why, according to sales and marketing director  Danny van der Zwan, companies focus on new techniques which increase the daily cuttingproduction per operator.


The Adamas slogan “High Speed Diamond Solutions” fits the newly introduced Pentruder products as the MDU 10kW High Frequency drill motor and the PDM300 post drilling machine. Many companies were interested in the drilling method on high RPM’s with the MDU core drill - NTGRA which proves to be very productive under all circumstances.


Also the CEL-TS  carriage for stitch drilling with the MDU drill motor was highly appreciated.


Various  deals were closed and many job site demonstrations with the MDU drill motor were scheduled for the coming weeks. The Adamas open house was such a success that the date for the 2014 open house event is already planned!




Successful exhibition in Yekaterinburg, Russia


Levanto Russia, Pentruder distributor in Russia had a succesful exhibition last week. The interest for the Pentruder products was very good.